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Posted: 02.03.2018 11:44

Co-ownership - a lot of problems or a mutually beneficial contract?

Looking through modern catalogs of exhibitions, you can often see as the owners of a dog the names of two different people, sometimes even from different cities. What does it mean two owners?  How do they divide the dog?  Weekly?  Monthly? - No, it's all a bit otherwise.  This is the so-called joint ownership of the dog, or co-ownership. What is the essence and why is it necessary?

This is a mutually beneficial cooperation of two or more people, each of which has its own benefit in doing so. Co-ownership can be temporary or lifelong, all the nuances and subtleties must be stipulated in the contract of condominium.

What does the seller of a puppy / adult dog receive? As a rule, this is the owner of the nursery, and he gets the opportunity to keep a sufficient number of producers without turning his apartment and the life of the household and the dogs into hell.

It's not a secret that the dog, especially the long-haired, requires some care, in addition to feeding, walking, training and veterinary care.

So, the benefit to the owner is obvious, but what does the co-owner get?

What is his interest? The answer is simple: this is when you really want a dog of certain

breed, not mediocre, but with a pedigree, show-class, and don’t have money for such purchase .

For the buyer (co-owner), this cooperation gives primarily opportunity to get an excellent, promising, thoroughbred dog and it is significantly cheaper or even free.

As a rule, a grown up dog, that is, without a bonus of problems with emptying its stomach, gnawed furniture and shoes during the period of teeth replacement of the puppy, and with all vaccinations.

Depending on the terms of the contract, co-ownership can be life-long, especially for a male dog, when the owner of the nursery  gives the dog for co-ownership with the right to unlimitedly mate, or temporary, for example, up to a certain age or number of puppies (in vase of female dog).

Co-ownership is also an excellent opportunity for a buyer (co-owner) to join the environment of the pedigree owners, if there is a such desire. To walk around the exhibitions, get acquainted with other breeders of this breed and owners of nurseries. So, learn more about the breed and, if there is a desire, to start your own line.

If You don’t  have  time or desire to visit exhibitions and pursue a dog's carries, but You wish to have not just a thoroughbred dog, but a titled dog, a champion, there is an option to take the dog for co-ownership after reaching it admission to breeding or even after the first or even a few litters.

That is, the owner of a dog / nursery buys a promising puppy, grows and prepares it for the exhibition, invests in it strength, time and money, goes to exhibitions and receives admission.

 Believe me - it's very, very big efforts. He gets from the female dog the first litter and after the realization of the puppies gives the dog for co-ownership.

The co-owner receives the dog of the show class, the owner of her subsequent puppies.

Of course, in the co-ownership of the dog there are many small things that must be registered in the contract.

Who drives a dog through exhibitions, who owns a dog during pregnancy and childbirth, who cares for puppies and so on.

This contract should suit both parties. An important, even, rather, the main, importance is the human factor, personal contact and mutual understanding.

Co-ownership – it is not cooperation for a couple of days, but sometimes for many years.

And, of course, it is a great responsibility. If you have a desire to become a co-owner of a dog, or if you have any questions, please contact me, I will be happy to tell you all about it.

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