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Teeth cleaning for dogs (US)

Posted: 12.03.2024 18:38

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Welcome to SILVERSHELL OÜ, where every pet is treated with the utmost care and professionalism. Our journey began with a simple yet profound mission: to provide comprehensive pet care services that go beyond the ordinary. We specialize in ultrasonic teeth cleaning, precision trimming and delicate full grooming—all to keep your beloved companions looking and feeling their best.

We believe that oral care is an art and our skilled craftsmen do the job right.

Benefits of ultrasonic teeth cleaning for your pet

One of the main advantages of ultrasonic teeth cleaning is its non-invasive nature. Unlike traditional dental cleaningmethods that may require anesthesia, ultrasonic cleaning is gentle and can often be performed without putting yourpet to sleep.

Ultrasonic technology is very effective at removing plaque and tartar, even below the gum line where it is most dangerous. This will help prevent periodontitis and keep your pet's teeth healthy and strong. Regular ultrasonic teeth cleaning (1-2 times a year) can significantly reduce the risk of oral diseases. By keeping your teeth clean, you also reduce the chance of bacteria entering the bloodstream and other health problems.

Your pet's comfort and safety are critical during any grooming or medical procedure. Ultrasonic teeth cleaning is astress-free alternative to traditional methods that can be especially beneficial for anxious pets or those with health issues that make anesthesia risky. Good oral health is related to overall health. By ensuring that your pet receives regular ultrasonic dental cleanings, you are contributing to their longevity and well-being.

Understanding the process of ultrasonic teeth cleaning

Before the ultrasonic cleaning process begins, a thorough evaluation of your pet's oral health is performed. This will help identify pre-existing conditions that may need to be addressed during the cleaning. An ultrasound teeth cleaning session involves the use of a special device that emits high-frequency sound waves to break down plaque and tartar. This process is usually quick and does not cause any discomfort to your pet.

Why choose SILVERSHELL OÜ for your pet's oral hygiene?

At SILVERSHELL OÜ, we have a team of professionals who have been doing pet oral hygiene for a long time. We understand the unique needs of Yorkshire Terriers and other breeds and offer oral care tailored to each pet. We use the latest ultrasound technology to ensure your pet has the best possible oral hygiene. Our devices are designed to be safe and effective, giving you peace of mind.