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Snuff mat

Posted: 12.01.2021 11:33

If you want to pamper your pet with an unusual intellectual gift, if you want it to feel like a real terrier and work with his nose, if you want your dog to have a thrill for food - snuff rugs are now on sale in our salon, you are welcome!

The snuff mat was invented in the Netherlands by enthusiasts who love to keep their dogs busy with brain activity. In this game, the dog must sniff to find dry food or treats hidden between the fleece ribbons.

You can use the snuff mat to feed the dog or just as a game to keep its brain busy. The best time to use the mat is when your dog is fed. For many dogs it is once a day, for others twice a day. For them this time usually lasts about 2 minutes. And for especially nimble ones, even less. And this is because dogs miss an important and exciting stage: the search for food, which is characteristic of dogs in nature. The snuff mat extends meal times by up to 15 minutes on average. Most importantly, the mat gives the dog a sense of satisfaction when searching for food. To make sure your dog is using his nose to find food and not just digging it out or knocking it out of the mat, it’s important to teach your dog the rules of the game. For the first time, you put a treat on the mat and hide only 2-3 pieces under the upper ribbons. When the dog has found them all, you put the mat away until next time. Next time you leave a few pieces at the top, hide a few under the upper ribbons and a few under the second layer of ribbons. Some dogs will get involved right away, others will need a gradual complication of the game. The main thing is not to rush, so that both you and the dog enjoy the process. A snuff mat is: Search for food on command, which plays the role of a simulator for weaning dogs from picking up street food. Forms a certain attitude towards food. The dog learns that food must be ACQUIERED. Intelligence development. The dog is really interested in looking for pieces in this pile of ribbons. They like to work with their nose and get tired of solving this crossword puzzle.